Elevate to an online identity with real impact and cachet today. Invest in a short, elegant and memorable @NYC.com email address that places you right where you live – in the greatest city in the world. With @NYC, giving out your email becomes a unique, effortless and impressive branding moment, not a chore.


You can use our email service, or you can choose to use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any email hosting service you choose.

Email Portability

With @NYC, your online identity is not tied to your job email, your internet provider, or the email brand of the moment. If you ever want to change email providers your @NYC email address travels with you.

The Name You Want is Likely Available

Because our service is designed for an exclusive clientele rather than for the general market, the email address you want is almost certain to be available.

Email Ownership

When you purchase an email address from NYC.com, it is your piece of digital New York City real estate. As long as your account is in good standing, this address is yours to sell, lease, gift, barter or use as you see fit.

The Cost may be Deductible as a Business Expense

Please check with your tax advisor to ensure you meet applicable guidelines.