What is @NYC?

@NYC is a new identity service provided by NYC.com. It offers you the chance to own a short, elegant and memorable @NYC.com email address that places you right where you live – in the greatest city in the world.

DOES @NYC Support My Current Email Platform

All major email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook allow you to send and receive email from your existing account using your new @NYC.com email address. This means that if you choose to keep using your existing Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail account, people sending and receiving email to and from you will only see your @NYC.com email address. In other words, if you wish, you can use your new @NYC.com email address without changing your existing email account or provider. Click on the relevant logo below to learn more.

Does @NYC Email Support Access From Mobile Phones And Popular Email Clients?

Yes. @NYC is committed to providing you with seamless, secure access to information regardless of location or device. Our service supports access from most popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail as well as from virtually all mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia.

How Much Do Individual @NYC Emails Cost?

You will find a complete breakdown of our pricing structure HERE.

Why Does @NYC Cost More Than Other Email Services?

Our superb, state-of-the art service is priced to be selective. This ensures that the email address you want is available and maintains the value and cachet of the @NYC address.